On courage.

Bravery is not an absence of fear.
It's facing your doubts, feeling the pounding of your heart, steeling yourself and doing the difficult thing that you know is right for you.
It's following your moral compass, staying true to your path, and refusing to give up no matter how many times you stumble along the way.

I call bullshit.

“You must be healed before you can heal others.”
I hear it all the time, and I am here for the sole purpose of calling bullshit.
It's akin to insisting that one must first love themselves in order to be loved,
which plants the seed that those who are broken and traumatized do not deserve love.

Ancestors: A Prayer for Brighid

A prayer for Brighid, as yet unnamed...

I cut ties with both sides of my blood family years ago and Brighid has taken her place as my adopted mother. Spiritually, she and her priestesses are my ancestry.

Beloved mother Brighid,
priestesses who were here before me,
please come to me now.
Surround me, be with me
and work through me,
imbuing my soul and physical space
with your love, fire, and light.

Day One: A Prayer for Brighid

Earlier, I was praying to Brighid, and asking for her to watch over me and guide me the right way as I sense major life changes approaching. Words began to enter my mind; words that, at first, I thought I was just saying to her. Then I thought, "I need to write this down."

I believe that she answered my prayer within my prayer. What a wondrous moment, and yet so very much like Brighid, the master wordsmith that she is.

I humble myself before you, Brighid.

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