Communication Oil for Engaging the Heart and Throat Chakras, with Gentle Grounding

Communication Oil for Engaging the Heart and Throat Chakras, with Gentle Grounding

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This beautiful oil was blended by hand and infused with love and Reiki, in very small batches. It comes in a 15 ml glass bottle with lid. Each bottle contains unakite chips to amplify the love energy and provide gentle grounding. Ingredients also include jasmine buds and petals; lavender essential oil; chamomile essential oil; fractionated coconut oil; and vitamin E as a preservative.

You will receive one 15 ml bottle, decorated similarly to the bottle shown. Photo props are not included.

PLEASE NOTE: My oil blends are only intended for external use on adults or for anointing purposes. The essential oils are provided in approximate 5% dilution in carrier oil. I make no medicinal claims for these oils, nor can I guarantee any outcome from their use. Outcomes will vary from person to person. Please ensure that you are aware of whether essential oils that you use are safe to be used in the same space as your pets.

My recipes are developed according to personal experience and research on traditional use of essential oils and other materials.

* I am happy to make custom oils for you! If you need a different carrier oil, I can substitute the coconut oil for jojoba or discuss other options for an additional charge. Please feel free to contact me about other customizations as well.


I cannot make any promises regarding any outcomes from your use of this item. I can assure you that the materials have been chosen for their compatibility with the stated intention, and that I have infused the item with loving energy matching that intention. I have also asked Brighid for Her blessing, as I do with each piece that I make. I recommend that you also infuse the piece with your own intention when you receive it, before employing it for your intended use.

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Every piece that I make is an offering of energy and adoration to the goddess Brighid. She is my inspiration, my divine muse, my teacher, guardian and friend. I am so grateful that She has helped me to be able to share my work with you
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